Cold and Windy

June 25, 2014

Cold windy week in the hunter valley

Been a balloonist for the last 15 years there is two types of weather I like.The first is the calm cool mornings with just a hint of a breeze. Mornings that are just perfect for taking a ride in a hot air balloon. The cool mornings means the balloon has plenty of lift, meaning the burners don’t have to be on for extended periods. A surface breeze of just a few knots ensures we drift over the vineyards at a nice pace, a magic carpet ride as one of my passengers liked to call it. Even when there is not a lot of wind on the surface we can normally climb well above the ranges that surround the Hunter valley to find a good breeze to take us to where we want to go.  Unlike any other form of aviation we are completely dependent upon the wind for our propulsion. No wind means no movement and been stuck over the dame vineyard for an hour is not the experience we want you to have, this is why we like a gentle breeze.  The best advert for hot air ballooning is to see a balloon in the air. The more we fly the more the phone rings for people wanting to fly. Great weather is a win win situation for pilots and passengers alike.

The other sort of weather I like is the weather we are having now. the kind of weather that is blowing down trees and drying the washing in just an hour. Now not many balloonist would admit to liking this weather but it has some great advantages. When you look out the window and see a tree barley staying upright and the washing blowing off the line you know there is no chance that you are going to be flying in a balloon. The disappointment is shared with relief that your pilot is not a reckless fool and you made the right decision booking with a company that refunds 100% if the weather cancels your flight.  There is no getting out of bed at sunrise to go and have a look to find out the forecast was wrong and you should have stayed in bed. When the forecast is like this week we cancel flights 4 or 5 days in advance so you have time to make other plans, book other adventures or even postpone your trip until the weather look better. July and August are always known as the windy months here in the valley, the cold north westerly winds rush past the ranges and can blow for weeks.

Our advice is sit in front of a nice warm fire, a great bottle of red and some cheese and watch the wind blow from inside. Stay up late and not worry about getting up to early in the morning and we will see you in a few weeks when the wind has died down and we can enjoy the beauty of the Hunter valley in a balloon without the adrenalin rush!


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