Ballooning in the rain

October 14, 2014

Not a great day to be in the Hunter Valley yesterday and I’m afraid that today seems like being the same. We all know hot air ballooning requires calm winds and clear skies. Today and yesterday show little chance of this. As a low pressure intensifies over the NSW today there will be little respite from the grey skies, wind and rain. It will be a great day to be in a cottage out of the way with a fire on, drinking some of our famous local Shiraz. Forget the hot air balloon ride for a while and look for other adventures in the hunter valley until this weather clears.

Ballooning in the rain


The good news is that the low pressure is set to drift east during the day and be off shore tomorrow. This will leave Thursday as a clear sunny day and the weekend should be back to picture perfect hot air balloon weather. If the early start is not for you there is always plenty else to do in the sunshine. How about roaring around the valley on the back of a custom made oz trike? Experience the valley at a whole new pace and enjoy the thrill of the ride at the same time. Give our friends at Hunter Trikes a call today on 0439 766441 or checkout their website at

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